Choosing the right freelancer for your project is undoubtedly a time-consuming hassle.

Despite that outstanding portfolio and an engaging interview to impress, the outcomes of your project can be jeopardised if there is lack of chemistry between you and your chosen freelancer.

In order to address this issue, CreativesAtWork decided to hold its first Hackathon in May this year.

Nope, it’s not the stuff restricted to coders and engineers only.

This Hackathon was content-based and organised in a warm and casual setting, as our freelancers took time off their work to participate in producing mind-blowing ideas for three of our clients.

The freelancers were split into three teams. Each team was given the brief of each client and were given a short span of thirty minutes to brainstorm on strategies and ideas on how to best execute the respective client’s campaign based on budget requirements.

With a plethora of media skills that our freelancers brought to the table – graphic design, web development, motion design, copywriting, etc – our clients were able to witness our freelancers in person and in action first-hand, as well as garner ideas on how to improve their own campaigns.

Once the thirty minutes were up, each team had to present their ideas before everyone, as well as receive critical and constructive feedback. The event ended with networking, where both clients and freelancers got to know each other.

It was an eye-opener experience for both parties who were given the opportunity to determine the working chemistry between themselves.

Many common questions that cannot be adequately addressed in a regular pre-work interview were also answered for our participating clients:

Can this freelancer work well in a team?
Are his or her problem-solving skills up to par with my objectives?
Does this freelancer have a positive attitude towards my goal?
Is this freelancer capable of so much more than just execution?
Can this freelancer communicate my objectives clearly to my audience?
Do I like working with this freelancer?

And so on.

With such positive feedback we received about our Hackathon, we are propelled to plan for more of such similar events and are once again excited to invite interested parties to participate with us to help with their campaigns and establish effective freelance partnerships.

Why not join us for our next Hackathon today?