Six years ago, CreativesAtWork witnessed many highly skilled, mid-career professionals making the switch to gig-work and in that we identified an opportunity. An opportunity to help more companies benefit from independent workers and an opportunity to help the community grow. In short, we set our sights on being the industry game-changer. Now we’ve sourced and partnered with the top-performing creative talent Singapore has to offer and we’re serving as the bridge in the employer-freelancer relationship.

Our bi-annual Freelancers Bootcamp held in October 2018, is one of our initiatives for professionalizing the freelance industry. Not only are we nurturing our talent we’re also improving project outcomes for our clients. Here’s what was on the agenda:

The mindset of a freelancer

First, we made sure our freelancers have a clear understanding of what the life of a freelancer is really like, it’s not your traditional Monday to Friday job and not everyone is built for it. We conducted personality tests and presented case studies to make sure our freelancers are equipped with the tenacity, creativity, curiosity and drive to make this working model viable.

Providing clients with more value.

By teaching our freelancers how to co-create insightful briefs we minimize the risk of misunderstanding and accelerate the efficiency of deliverables. We also teach them how to design contact reporting guidelines, so clients can rest assured that work is progressing on schedule, even when the freelancer is not sitting in the office.

The legal side of freelancing

To minimize misunderstandings and potential disputes, Adrian Kwong, Advocate and Solicitor and Founding Director of Consigclear LLC spoke to our freelancers about protecting intellectual property rights and the importance of contracts. Our talent fielded endless questions to Adrian and we’re sure it’s going to help improve project outcomes.

Upscaling Business

Hosted by a successful long-term freelancer, Ryan Ong, our talent was given first-hand knowledge on how they could upscale their business. Leveraging his in-depth experience, he guided talent through the benefits and necessary cautions required when partnering and forming teams to take on bigger projects, the value of replication and series, and shared tips on automation.

Improving the sales pitch

Sometimes when creative talent is so good at what they do, they can find it quite intimidating to sell themselves. Felix Lee, owner of Catalyst Consultants helped our freelancers to overcome these fears by showing them step-by-step methods for presenting their creative capabilities so more businesses can enjoy the benefits they can bring.

You can rest assured if you hire talent from CreativesAtWork they have been well trained well – not only at their craft, but also in project management, win-win. When you work with us, we’ll guide you through the discovery process, evaluate your project needs, and recommend the most suitable creative talent. For larger projects we can help you form a team of freelancers while overseeing end-to-end project management efforts.

With the growing support from Government bodies, the gig economy is truly growing from strength to strength. We are working hard to support the industries growth by breaking down the barriers, addressing the misconceptions and improving knowledge so that more companies can benefit from the extraordinary freelance talent that’s out there.

We’ve even organized a hackathon event on November 20 where you can see first-hand how our freelancers come up with creative solutions to tackle real-life challenges posed by our clients. Grab a beer, raise the most difficult digital disruption challenge you can think of and witness how our freelancers come up with unique solutions by leveraging their knowledge on emerging technologies. For tickets please visit here or get in touch @ if you have any questions.