As we all know, freelancing can be a hassle.


Because we have to do everything on our own! Let’s not deny it.

From picking our clients, getting our sponsors, to liaising with vendors’ daily not taking into account the costs of our business.

Just imagine, searching for a co-working space, web hosting, Internet phone bills, equipment and accountants…

Boy, don’t they all sound expensive!

And on top of all these, dealing with difficult clients is part of the job scope as well. The only way to impress them amidst all the challenges, which you are sieving through like a superhero, is to create an elevator pitch like no other.  

We’ve got some tips and tricks from the Freelancing 101 Bootcamp conducted by CreativesAtWork, which happened not long ago on Saturday, 30th March 2019.

Here’s the winning formula to pitch like a pro, as explained by our media professional and trainer Michelle Lim.

In life, there’s always a BIG something we have to deal with. That big job, big house, big relationship, you name it.

Similarly, in an elevator pitch, there is a BIG IDEA you want to present to your client. And it does not have to be too complicated. Make it short, sweet and succinct. This will get your client’s attention real quick!

It has to be clear as distilled water and tailored to a specific angle, which you would like to probe.

For instance, if you are a videographer pitching to promote a new smartphone in town, your big idea could be to measure the effectiveness of the phone. You would have to ask yourself simple questions such as:

1) Is it user-friendly enough?

2) What type of software it uses and is it fast enough?

3) How is the quality of the camera?

4) What is the largest video size and can it be effectively uploaded into all modes of communication or social media channels.

Do you get THE BIG IDEA here?

Basically, we are measuring the effectiveness of the smartphone.

Next up, we can identify a problem that the niche society is facing with the use of smartphones. That is the angle you would like to probe on and entice your clients by solving them, right in their faces. No one would turn that offer down.

Present your solution after posing the problem. Trust me, as you go along, the concept will flow logically, and your pitch will turn into a winning success! Of course, with practice comes perfect, so start as soon as you can.

What clients want to hear are compelling stories, ones that captivate an audience and steal their hearts. Storytelling also helps to channel your inner creativity while keeping your pitch conversational.

Put some thought into your stories and give your clients the juicy bits. They do not want to hear frills and fanciful dialogues but convincing ideas that can solve a problem in the most unconventional way ever.

The Freelancing 101 Bootcamp conducted by CreativesAtWork will do wonders for you as we arm you with the right and effective communication skills to win your elevator pitch.

That’s what an elevator pitch is all about – making a conversation with the audience!

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So, what are you waiting for? Take that step into the elevator of your success now!