It’s often said the life of a freelancer life is filled with independence, and flexibility. But when you join the ranks, you’ll soon find out becoming a freelancer isn’t as easy as it seems.
Sometimes, we need help from others, and that’s okay! In fact, it’s more than okay, it’s normal! In every other profession it’s the norm for colleagues to gather over lunch breaks, meet at the photocopier, chat in the office pantry, or even just chat at their desks to commiserate the ups and downs of their work, help one another and share tips. It’s our innate human nature to seek feelings of belonging but for all the benefits freelancing offers, this is one luxury we don’t receive.
CreativesAtWork is on a mission to help freelancers overcome the solitary of your work by building a strong community that supports and inspires one another. Beyond just connecting you with projects and organising workshops and networking events, we are producing a documentary to help create a tight-knit community.
‘Not Your Average 9-5’ is a compilation of on-ground interviews with some of Singapore’s top-performing freelance talent. In our first story, we fly to Estonia to meet Nicole Tan, the epitome of a Digital Nomad. Here’s a glimpse of her inspiring story.

From Office Worker to Digital Nomad: Nicole Tan

Even after 6 years as a freelancer, Nicole admits she struggles to explain what it is she does. Like most of us she once held an office job – but in a way that only a freelancer can understand, she explains how the traditional workforce model was killing her soul. She couldn’t escape the feeling of wanting to search for more.
Nicole’s search for more led her to the highly developing European country, Estonia. It’s the fastest growing economy in the EU and the world’s first digital society. Nicole secured a role with one of the countries tech start-ups and we get the opportunity to see what it’s really like working in a place so far from home and the sacrifices she must make.


Launching in 2019

Scheduled to launch in 2019, ‘Not Your Average 9-5’ hopes to inspire and motivate you to rise above the myriad of challenges and pursue your passion as a freelancer. The documentary will show you how others have overcome the struggles of starting out, how they’ve overcome misconceptions and how they’ve solved the challenge of finding their niche. For existing freelancers who have doubts on their road ahead the documentary also delivers valuable advice, Nicole says, “Take comfort in knowing anything is possible!” You’re not tied down to anything and you have the freedom to be where you want to be and do what you want to do.” Remember, together we can do great things!

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